Rajasthan Minister Sacked For Criticizing His Own Government's Handling Of Crimes Against Women

Rajasthan Minister Sacked For Criticizing His Own Government's Handling Of Crimes Against Women

Jaipur, July 22 (TNA) In a significant development, the Governor of Rajasthan has promptly accepted Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot's proposal to remove state minister Rajendra Singh Gudha from the cabinet. The decision came after Gudha publicly criticized the Congress government's handling of recent incidents of crimes against women in the state.

During a discussion on the Rajasthan Minimum Income Guarantee Bill 2023 in the state Assembly, Congress MLAs protested the Manipur violence with placards. However, Gudha expressed dissatisfaction with the focus, insisting on accountability from his own government regarding crimes against women.

Gudha's statements struck a nerve, with the Leader of the Opposition, Rajendra Rathore, also criticizing the state government, pointing out that Rajasthan ranks high in crimes against women. Rathore emphasized that according to Article 164(2) of the Constitution, the cabinet operates on collective responsibility, making the state of a minister synonymous with that of the entire cabinet.

The sacked minister's remarks were seen as an embarrassment for the government, as he questioned their failure to ensure women's security while other issues were being highlighted. This move to remove a cabinet member for speaking out against the government's handling of crimes against women has sparked debates about freedom of expression and the collective responsibility of the cabinet.

The Chief Minister, who is also the state's Home Minister, now faces increased pressure to take responsibility for the state's law and order situation. The dismissal of Gudha highlights the delicate balance between dissent and collective responsibility within the government.

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