Modi interacting with kids at Red Fort On Independence Day
Modi interacting with kids at Red Fort On Independence Day

PM Modi Highlights India's Advancements In Space And Deep-Sea Missions In His Independence Day Address

New Delhi, August 15 (TNA) Prime Minister Narendra Modi, addressing the nation from the Red Fort on Independence Day, emphasized India's progress in space and deep-sea exploration. He noted India's increasing capabilities in modernization, including advancements in renewable and hydrogen energy, space technology, and deep-sea missions. PM Modi also highlighted the growing interest of girls in STEM subjects across the country.

The Chandrayaan-3 mission, scheduled to soft-land on the Moon's surface on August 23, is a step towards India becoming the fourth country to achieve this feat. The spacecraft, now 177 kilometers from the Moon, successfully completed its orbit circularization phase and will further reduce its orbit to 100 kilometers above the lunar surface.

Simultaneously, India is preparing for the groundbreaking Samudrayaan deep sea mission. Part of the Deep Ocean Mission, it aims to explore the deep ocean's resources and biodiversity with a submersible vehicle, Matsya 6000. The mission aligns with India's Blue Economy policy, aiming to sustainably utilize ocean resources for economic growth while maintaining ecosystem health.

The Modi government has underlined the importance of marine minerals for India's future economy, highlighting their potential extracted from coastal and ocean sources. The Samudrayaan project and Chandrayaan-3 mission represent India's strides in space and deep-sea exploration, aligning with its pursuit of scientific advancements and economic growth.

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