PM Interacts With NDRF Personnel Involved In ‘Operation Dost’ In Türkiye And Syria

PM Interacts With NDRF Personnel Involved In ‘Operation Dost’ In Türkiye And Syria

New Delhi, February 21 (TNA) Prime Minister Narendra Modi interacted with the National Disaster Response Force (NDRF) personnel involved in ‘Operation Dost’ in earthquake-hit Türkiye and Syria. Addressing the personnel, the Prime Minister lauded them for their great work in ‘Operation Dost’ in earthquake-hit Türkiye and Syria. The Prime Minister elaborated on the concept of Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam.

The Prime Minister said in Türkiye and Syria the Indian team reflected the spirit of the entire world being one family for us. Highlighting the importance of quick response time during a natural calamity, the Prime Minister referred to the ‘Golden Hour’ and said that the speedy response of the NDRF team in Turkiye drew the attention of the entire world. He said that the quick response highlights the preparedness and training skills of the team.

Recalling the images of a mother who blessed the members of the team for their efforts, the Prime Minister noted the pride that every Indian felt after witnessing every image of rescue and relief operations that was carried out in the affected areas.

The Prime Minister underlined the unmatched professionalism and the human touch and said that it plays a crucial role when a person is dealing with trauma and has lost everything. The Prime Minister also praised the acts of compassion shown by the team

Remembering the 2001 earthquake in Gujarat and recalling his time as a volunteer there, the Prime Minister underlined the difficulty of the task of removing rubble and finding people below that and how the entire medical system was hit as the hospital itself had collapsed in Bhuj.

The Prime Minister also recalled the Machhu Dam tragedy in 1979. “On the basis of my experiences in these calamities, I can appreciate your hard work, spirit and emotions. Today I salute you all.”, the Prime Minister said.

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