One Week India Rural Colloquy Rolls Out On Zoom Sunday Evening

One Week India Rural Colloquy Rolls Out On Zoom Sunday Evening

Lucknow, August 1 (TNA) Transforming Rural India Foundation’s (TRIF) first one week long India Rural Colloquy rolls out on Zoom on Sunday evening. The sessions commencing from August 1st will wrap up on August 8th. TRIF supports NGOs working at the grassroots, works with governments, develops and delivers solutions for rural India.

Leading development practitioners, administrators, policy makers, philanthropists will be addressing the webinars. Analysis and critical reviews of development interventions will be discussed and policy shifts identified in order to create an equitable society with opportunities for all.

Here is a peep into what the sessions contain.

Going Forward | Rural 2025 (August 1, 5.30 pm)

Bharati Ramola, Sanjiv Phansarkar and R Venkataraman will be in conversation with Soumitra Pandey.

The first session will discuss the roadmap for Rural India in 2025. It will discuss aspirations of rural community and how to provide opportunities sans any gender bias for growth.

Gender Equality and Justice | Our Future (August 2, at 5.30 pm)

The session will be moderated by Madhu Krishna, Deputy Director at Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. The discussion will be on improving women's participation in development programmes.

Women Collectives and Rural Economic Empowerment (3rd August 5.30 pm)

Anjani Kumar Singh, Senior Programme Officer, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, will host this session.. It will focus on a layout plan of transformative agenda for women collectives to advance social protection, economic empowerment in making of “New Rural”.

Sustainable Energy Unlock to Accelerating Rural Livelihoods (August 3, 7 pm)

Charanjit Singh, Dhruvi Shah & Harish Hande will be in conversation with Jeff Prins .This Session will address one of the key challenges of rural livelihoods related to access to predictable and affordable access to energy. This aspect is critical for creating local jobs and new opportunities around the farm/non-farm rural production system

Circularity and Profitable Agriculture: The Way Forward for Building Resilience and Growth with Marginal Farmers (Aug 4, 05:30 pm)

To will be moderated by Santosh Singh, Director, Intellecap, it marks the launch of the Indian Agriculture and Food Systems – Circularity Action Platform (IAFS – CAP). The session will revolve around discussion on the joint initiative of TRIF & Intellecap set up to promote the uptake of circular approaches in agriculture and food systems in India improving and diversifying incomes of smallholder farmers, “virtual water”, the environmental footprint of agriculture and food systems as we improve the resilience of agriculture production and incomes to climate change.

Data Sciences for Improving Governance, Public Services Delivery (Aug 4, 7:00 PM)

To be moderated by Swapnil Shekhar, Founder, Sambodhi Research and Communications, this session has a lot of critical value as we are together launching The Development Intelligence Unit a fact-tank and think-tank to bring insights that move forward better policies and development action.

Future is Young?! Harnessing Power of the Opportunity of rural Youth Bulge (Aug 5, 5:30 pm)

Sector leaders will discuss pathways and new opportunities with Alice Gugulev, Managing Director of Global Development Incubator. The session will bring her direct ground experience and draw insights with leading practitioners and thought leaders from global experiences as pathways and solutions that can work in India.

Reimagining Universal Health Access in Rural India (Aug 5, 07:00 pm)

Neelima Khetan will host this conversation with leading practitioners engaged in instituting transition from COVID response to strengthening the public health system.

Locality Development Compacts | Way Forward to Healthy Productive Habitats |( Aug 6, 6:30 PM)

To be hosted by Prof. Walton, Harvard Kennedy School, the session will draw insights from leading practitioners and thought leaders on “fertile grounds”, pertaining to community-based organisations and Panchayats of rural India. The talk will be on transforming the emerging rural and peri-rural as habitat of better, productive, healthy life of belonging and meaning.

Communication for Better Society | Forging Common and Engaging Uncommon (Aug 7, 5.30 pm)

This discussion will be hosted by Julia Lowe, and brings together Smarinita Shetty of IDR, Shareen Joshi of Georgetown University, Lyndee Prickett of VillageSquare and Navneet Anand of Grematters on how communications can be society’s instrument of forging common grounds and connecting with uncommon realities, informing “insights for action” from the lived reality of marginalized.

Technology for Rural | Building Rural Habitats Connected to New Economy and Quality of Life Services (Aug 7, 7 pm)

Hemendra Mathur brings this conversation with new-age companies around tech ideas/solutions that can transform lives, livelihoods and rural societies like never before.

The conversation with techpreneurs brings idea and real-life solutions to advance economic opportunities, access to health, improved education outcomes through public-private-community pathways leveraging immense progress made with JAM, DBT, and the India Stack spine which is powering new innovations in the delivery of public programmes and private sector innovation.

Making of New Rural cape | Opportunities, Justice, Empathy and Role of Bazaar-Samaj-Sarkar (Aug 8, 6:30 pm)

Different sector experts will reflect on the opportunities that exist and paths that will help break poverty cycle. The session will address deprivations in rural India through poverty alleviation programmes.

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