Menstrual Hygiene Management Knowledge Hub Inaugurated At Sulabh Campus In Delhi

Menstrual Hygiene Management Knowledge Hub Inaugurated At Sulabh Campus In Delhi

New Delhi, May 28 (TNA) A Menstrual Hygiene Management (MHM) Knowledge Hub, a dedicated space designed to foster education, research, and advocacy on menstrual hygiene management was inaugurated at the Sulabh International campus in the union capital on Tuesday.

The hub was launched by the Ethiopian Ambassador to India Demeke A. Ambulo, on the occasion of the Menstrual Hygiene Day. This milestone marks a major advancement in Sulabh’s mission to break the silence around menstruation and empower everyone with the knowledge and resources they need. Guests and visitors explored various aspects of menstrual hygiene through engaging stalls set up by different groups of women from our programs.

Kumar Dilip, President of Sulabh International, emphasized, "Sulabh has visitors from all over the world on a daily basis, many of whom are students. We see the MHM Knowledge Hub as an effort to raise awareness and engage men and boys in breaking the taboo around periods. This will complement our MHM-based livelihood programs across the country."

In 2023, Sulabh released a landmark report covering 14 aspirational districts and seven states in India. The report analyzes how women in various remote, isolated, and marginalized communities fare in terms of menstrual well-being, needs, and perceptions. Eleven of these were aspirational districts identified under Niti Aayog’s Aspirational Districts Programme (ADP), and three more were added due to their specific vulnerabilities. The project period spanned from February 2022 to April 2023.

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