LISSUN Launches Innovative Tech Platform to Support Students' During Competitive Exam Prep

LISSUN Launches Innovative Tech Platform to Support Students' During Competitive Exam Prep

New Delhi, Sep 13 (TNA) LISSUN, India's foremost mental health platform, has taken a significant stride in addressing the pressing issue of rising student suicides by introducing a contextualized tech product as a vital component of its holistic outreach program dedicated to nurturing students' mental and emotional well-being. This initiative aims to offer crucial support to students grappling with intense academic competition and exam pressure.

The concerning statistics on student suicides in Kota have raised alarms, with the count reaching a distressing 23 for the year, marking the highest figure since 2015. LISSUN recognizes the urgent need to tackle this crisis and has developed a comprehensive solution. The official launch of this vital service coincided with Kota city's unveiling of its RiverFront Heritage site, graced by the honourable Mr. Tarumeet Singh Bedi, who is a renowned social activist and author from Kota.

The launch event also featured Avinash Goyal from BL Residency Hostel, Bhavit Jain from Pragya Astha Hostel, Kirti Singh Songara, Vice President, Resonance, and Kundan Kumar, Centre Head of PW Vidyapeeth Kota who gathered for a press conference in Kota, India.

During the press conference, Dr. Krishna Veer Singh, Co-Founder & CEO of LISSUN, stated, "The gravity of the student suicide crisis in Kota cannot be overstated. With a troubling surge in student suicides, it is imperative to address this pressing issue. The mental well-being of these students is fundamental to their future success, and we must provide them with essential support and resources. By introducing our contextualized tech product for student mental and emotional wellness, we take a significant step toward ensuring that no student in our nation feels isolated in their struggles. We firmly believe that, together, we can rewrite the narrative of student well-being, and our commitment to this cause is unwavering."

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