Good Reads: Chandausi Junction- Udaan

Good Reads: Chandausi Junction- Udaan

Set in the year 1978, it is about an entrepreneur who hails from Pilkhuwa and wants to progress and make his business grow.

Chapter-23 UDAAN


Pilkhuwa, 1978

Sohanlal was busy in his blanket factory. 20 years back, he established Aakash Blankets and today was the day of reckoning. A delegation from the ministry, headed by one of their senior officers, Abhaynath was about to reach the factory premises. His plans to expand this factory and increase the domestic and export sales heavily depended on this visit.

As he went through the factory for a last-minute check, he asked his Man Friday, Deepak to ensure that all the arrangements for welcome were complete. The delegation arrived sharp at 10 a.m. the scheduled time. Abhaynath was known as a forthright and honest gentleman. As he got down from the staff car, Sohanlal welcomed him with a bouquet and led him to the conference room.

“Sir, What will you have?” asked Sohanlal. “Nothing. Please allocate someone to accompany my team members, so that they can have a look at the facilities and in the meantime, please show me these documents,” replied Abhaynath, handing over a list to Sohanlal. “Certainly. Certainly,” said Sohanlal and asked Deepak to accompany the team to the factory floor.

Abhaynath started going through the documents. He was impressed by the updated papers and was surprised that this dhoti and kurta-clad gentleman was not only running a factory but also was paying equal attention to the paperwork. After an hour-long inspection, Abhaynath said “Your papers are in order. Now let the team come and let me see if any discrepancy is there between the documents and the ground reality.” “Of course, Ji. As you say,” replied Sohanlal.

The other members of the delegation returned after they visited the factory and shared their observations with Abhaynath. He was happy to see that all the figures in the documents tallied perfectly with the actual factory details. He told Sohanlal that his loan application for expansion will be favorably considered. Sohanlal was very happy and asked Abhaynath and his team members to join him for lunch. However, ………….

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