Film Festival Unfolding Works Of Renowned Filmmakers Begins Today

Film Festival Unfolding Works Of Renowned Filmmakers Begins Today

Mumbai, July 9 (TNA) It is universally accepted that in the making of a film, it is the Director who exercises complete creative control and therefore rightfully called creator of the cinema. Films Division is set to celebrate the creative spirit in film making through a unique film festival, Masters’ Constellation which is a journey through the spans and expanse of Indian silver screen over many decades, unfolding renowned directors’ oeuvre.

The Part I of the festival will screen 12 documentaries on notable filmmakers across languages. The films will be streamed on Films Division website and You Tube Channel from July 9 to 11, 2021.

Masters’ Constellation will begin with a befitting tribute to the Father of Indian Cinema, Dadasahab Phalke by screening A Dream Takes Wings (Gajanan Jagirdar), a brief biopic on the legend and his visionary ambition that laid a strong base for today’s flourished film industry in India.

The other films in the festival are: Creative Artists of India - Satyajit Ray (BD Garga), one of the early documentaries on Satyajit Ray in which the master filmmaker narrates the process of his film making, G Aravindan (Shaji N. Karun) is an exploration of the multi-faceted personality of the filmmaker known for his experimental storytelling style and unorthodox way of filmmaking.

B. R. Chopra – Milestones in Celluloid (Vinay Vairale) highlights the career milestones and the achievements of B. R. Chopra from the beginning of his career as a film journalist to its culmination as the winner of prestigious Dadasaheb Phalke award, Hrishikesh Mukherjee (U.B. Mathur) is a biographical film on the life and contribution of the well known director popularly known as Hrishi-da, a pioneer of the 'Middle Cinema' in India. The King of Middle Cinema (Sandip Roy) is a life sketch of Tapan Sinha, who is best described as one of the finest ‘middle-of-the-road’ filmmakers whose films are well crafted in terms of structure and technique.

V. Shantaram - The Pioneering Spirit (Sanjit Narwekar) is an intimate take on the illustrious career of V Shantaram as a filmmaker who truly realized the efficacy of the film medium as an instrument of social change and used it successfully to voice bigotry and injustice. Mrinal Sen : Self and Cinema (Nripen Ganguli) highlights the life, works and achievements of Mrinal Sen, a pioneer of New Cinema movement and whose films reflected social ethos and political realities of the times.

With Quietude - To Nirad (Joshy Joseph) is a tribute film to the renowned Odia film maker Nirad Mohapatra, through an intimate discussion on cinema life and art. Images/Reflections–a journey into the images of Adoor Gopalakrishnan (Girish Kasaravalli) focuses on the eminent director’s film making style and idioms through interviews and clippings from his films.

Iyakunar Sigaram K. Balachander (Manohar Singh Bisht) dwells into the life and works of the renowned filmmaker who is credited with making unconventional films with women as protagonists and on complicated inter-personal relationships and unusual themes. A Journey of Passion (Bijaya Kumar Nishanka) is on the well known filmmaker-actor Gopal Ghosh who played a key role in shaping the Odia film industry and also known for his documentaries on varied subjects.

The festival will be streamed on‘Documentary of the Week’ and on July 9 to 11, free of charges.

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