Exploring Possibilities: Number That Is Always Busy...Know Yourself

Exploring Possibilities: Number That Is Always Busy...Know Yourself

Once someone asked Mary Com, as to who is that person in the world, who, apart from Mary Com herself, knows or understands her the most? Her answer was Priyanka Chopra. Well that should not come as a surprise. As we all know, Priyanka played Mary Com in the biopic.

To play the role of the legend in the biopic the actor/actress has to understand the legend. For that they have to live with the legend. Not only live, but have to understand their life, its challenges, thought process and responses of the legend at various phases of life.

The way he/she behaves, their mannerism, reasons behind any particular behavior, so on and so forth. This in “design thinking” is called the process of shadowing. Henceforth the actor/actress starts knowing and understanding the legend to a great extent.

If I quote from my professional career, when I was working as a Sales and distribution professional with various multinational organizations, I was trained to spend a few days with the prospective channel partner, before we could appoint them. We used to observe their mindset and relations in the market. Also we used to observe the practices and processes that they had.

Their credit policy and their philosophy of doing the business. In my professional career I, along with my team, have appointed in excess to hundred, quality channel partners for various organizations.

But people don’t have this ten minutes in the morning. They are too busy. If a friend calls us for dinner, we readily agree and go. We spent two hours with our friend.

This clearly explains that if we need to understand someone, we need to spend some focused time with him/her closely. These examples also help me to understand the answer to a very profound question, that is, how to know oneself?

Ladies and gentlemen, you must have heard that, there is one contact number, that is always busy. That is none other than your own number. For those who couldn’t get that, I suggest a small activity. Try dialing your number from your phone, you will realize it soon. So most people are not able to understand themselves just because they do not spend enough time with themselves.

If we want to know someone, we need to hang out with him. If we spent two hours with someone, we might know him a bit. Problem with us is, we do not spend time with ourselves. We take our dog out for a walk and say that’s my time. Well that's walking the dog. Going to a gym is gym time, not me time.

Listening to a melody is recreation time, but not me time. Spending time with self is like sitting on a chair, or cross legged on the ground, no music, no book, no journal, no podcast, just having a conversation with self.

Now the question comes to what kind of conversation. Just imagine, if we want to know someone, what questions will we ask him? What do you like or love? How do you define yourself? What's your favorite destination? Where did you grow up? Who had the maximum influence on you? What is your passion? What do you want out of life? and so on and so forth.

If the person is important, we even document the answers. More we have such conversations with strangers, the more we find out about him. So if we need to understand self, have similar conversations with yourself.

If every morning you take out ten minutes for yourself, in due course you will start discovering the person you are. After a few months you will really get to know you. But people don’t have this ten minutes in the morning. They are too busy. If a friend calls us for dinner, we readily agree and go. We spent two hours with our friend.

Do we know how many ten minutes’ segments are there in these two hours? They are twelve. If we skip one such dinner, we can give ourselves ten minutes each day for twelve days.

More time we give to ourselves, the more we know about the person we are. It's sitting down and having a dialogue with self. Keep on doing this till you really start to discover yourself. I can assure you that you will definitely explore more possibilities….All the best…

(The author is a Certified Designed Thinking Master practitioner and Clifton Certified Strength Finder Coach, Corporate Trainer and a Leadership coach. He is based in Lucknow, the capital of Uttar Pradesh, India.)

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