Exploring Possibilities: Mindset Versus Strategy

Exploring Possibilities: Mindset Versus Strategy

If I ask you all a question. Who wants to be a winner? I will not be surprised if each one of you comes up with your hands raised in agreement. Yes, everyone wants to be a winner. Most of you will even come to me and say, quickly tell me how, tell me the process, share the steps. Everyone will be interested in the strategy to become a winner.

Strategy is all about information. If information is all that is necessary, then each one of us is informed enough to become a billionaire with a six pack abs. We all have loads of information but still we are not able to accomplish our goals. How come? It’s because mindset is more important than strategy.

Our process of goal setting can be understood by an analogy of a tree. The top it, the part which is visible, that we can see, is the branches and the tree, represents strategy, steps, and process. The part which is below which gives it the structure the size and stability, are the roots.

These roots are invisible and represent our mindset. Now the law of nature is such that the tree has to grow downwards first, before it shoots branches upwards. So in order to be successful, we have to get the mindset right first.

Mindset as I learnt can be in three different stages:

  • First stage mindset is, it is possible, but for someone else.

  • Second stage is, it’s possible for me but how???

  • Third stage is, it’s inevitable for me, let me explore the steps and process.

An individual needs to identify in which stage he is. Then he has to move from that stage to stage number three, where he says, it’s inevitable for me. It all depends on how badly you want it. There was a father who was illiterate. He couldn’t read and write English.

His son became an established author and wrote a bestseller book. One can imagine the restlessness of father. How much did he want to learn English so that he can read the book of his son. He learnt English in astonishingly record time. He used all his intelligence to do that.

It was inevitable for him to learn English. One needs a catalyst, a shot in the arm, a jolt to move from stage one to stage three. An individual has to identify that.

When we make our success dependent on strategy, we actually believe that success depends on something outside us. David Allen, the New York Times bestselling author says, our brain is also like Google, a search engine. Google depends on keywords, but the brain is programmed to respond upon what we focus on.

Let’s assume that there is a cricket match in our city. We plan to go and watch the match. How often do we realize that there are so many people who are also willing and planning for the same?

When I was on a sales assignment, I could see so many professionals in sales around me. Now I feel like every second person is a trainer or a coach, because I am also a leadership coach. This is called habituation of mind. You will find evidence of it everywhere.

Let’s understand how to move from the first stage of the mindset to the third stage of mindset. To understand and remember, use the acronym F.A.C.T.as suggested by Preston Pugmire. “F” stands for focus on your wins. Write down the list of your wins. Its unfamiliar for us to look at life in this way. When you do that it engages and opens up a part of your brain.

“A” is for asking relevant and useful questions. When we ask the brain a question it comes with an answer. It is tuned that way. But for that you need some time. How can I lose weight? Where did I waste my time? so on and so forth. “C” stands for Coach, get one. He can expedite and increase your momentum. All champions have coaches.

They keep them on the track. Olympians, who are the best in the business, have coaches too. They simplify the process for you as they have done it before. “T” stands for taking things off your plate. Subtract those things of your life, which serve you no more. Get rid of the weights which slow you down.

If you don’t believe that you can, strategy does not matter. As strategies might succeed or fail, but if you have the right mindset, it will help you to get another strategy, and help you explore further possibilities….

(The author is a Certified Designed Thinking Master practitioner and Clifton Certified Strength Finder Coach, Corporate Trainer and a Leadership coach. He is based in Lucknow, the capital of Uttar Pradesh, India.)

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