Explore the Mystic World of Gems, Jewellery, Crystals & Healing Stones: Shiva's Eye Gemstone Crystal

Explore the Mystic World of Gems, Jewellery, Crystals & Healing Stones: Shiva's Eye Gemstone Crystal

'Are Stones alive? We know that in terms of biology's definition of life, they are not.Yet crystals grow, they sometimes decay & perhaps most importantly, they seem to communicate with us.'- Robert Simmons, The Book of Stones.

"Crystals are Alive Beings, you don't choose a Crystal rather Crystal chooses you." That is why there is no one single right way to work with crystals, but only the way that is right for you. Just as a crystal has its own unique feature & vibration, similarly, each person has his or her own unique energetic frequency or 'Auric Field', which will respond more strongly to some crystals than others. And everyone attunes to crystals in their own way.

This week I shall talk to you about a very intriguing & mysterious Crystal known as "The Shiva's Eye"- This Crystal is also called 'Trinetra- The Third Eye' or the 'Cosmic Eye'. In Gemmological circles its referred as 'The Natural Agates Eye Crystal which is a symbolic gemstone of the inner eye or the intuitive eye

The eyes are the portal to a person's soul, but there are some who carry malefic intentions & are constantly jealous,which can have side effects to a person's Physical, Emotional, Mental, & Financial Health. Shiva's Eye or Third Eye Crystal is known to protect from this kind of negative influence.To remove effects of Evil Eye one should place this Gemstone at Home, At Work Desk or at your Puja Altar.

Other Benefits of Shiva's Eye Crystal

  • It is an ideal companion stone, which will gently calm your mind & soul when one is feeling overwhelmed.

  • It soothes & serenades an over active mind by purifying your 'Auric Field' & removes stress,anxiety & other kinds of Impurities.

  • Balances your 'Chakras' which will help in overcoming difficulties & achieving success in financial endeavors. And regulate your emotions & thoughts while doing so.

  • Agates Eye fills you with hope in times of distress & assists you in avoiding bad conduct by altering your vibrations for the best possible ever never seen outcome.

  • Shiva's Eye also supports your spiritual growth & promotes self introspection. Enhances your intuitive capabilities as it's double powered, representing the Inner or the Intuitive Eye.

(The author is owner of Ujjwal Jewels, 28/A, Sindhi Chauraha, Joppling Road, Near Ram Darbar Mandir, Lucknow. He can be contacted at ujjwal231@rediffmail.com)

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