Decision To Reopen Schools Should Be Taken Very Cautiously: Experts

Decision To Reopen Schools Should Be Taken Very Cautiously: Experts

Lucknow, June 23 (TNA) Even as the world around us has started reopening two days back under the new unlock guidelines of the state and the central government, it is going to be a long haul for schools, an official of the UP government said on Wednesday.

It was informed that health experts and medical researchers working on the Coronavirus have caution the government of India over any hasty decision in reopening of the schools, which have now been closed for more than 14 months at a stretch. Online schooling, they say was the best way forward "at least for the present year 2021".

With the third wave "imminent" and likely to target children, sources in the governments also say, that there was "no tearing hurry to reopen schools". Specially after the backlash from the people over the large number of deaths during the second wave in April-May, the governments are not ready to take chances.

Speaking about easing restrictions and reopening of schools, V.K. Paul, Member (Health), NITI Aayog has also suggested that the decision has to be taken cautiously and that "we should take risks only when we are protected."

“School is a crowd, a medium or large gathering, which gives opportunity for virus to infect. So, we should take that risk only when we are rather better protected, virus is suppressed and we are able to sit at a distance. But it is not easy to take this decision to open schools when an unpredictable situation is prevalent,” he said at a regular media briefing on Tuesday.

He also mentioned that the virus is suppressed at present due to discipline and restrictions prevalent in many states, if we ease restrictions and open schools, then the virus gets opportunities to infect.

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