Cyclists In Shimla Celebrate 75th Independence Day With A 25-km Rally

Cyclists In Shimla Celebrate 75th Independence Day With A 25-km Rally

Shimla, August 15 (TNA) Over 30 cyclists wheeled their vehicle from Himachal Pradesh capital Shimla to Dak Bangla in the periphery of the city, completing 25kms run to commemorate the 75th Independence Day of India on Sunday.

Over a dozen bikers also took rides on their vehicles to enjoy the freedom celebration. This cycle rally was held by HASTPA (Himalayan Adventure Sports and Tourism Promotion Association) with Shimla Cycling Association with the aim of engaging and encouraging youth for protection and preservation of the environment in Himalayan region which is degrading and deteriorating with each passing year.

Speaking on the aims of the cycle rally, the President of HASTPA Mohit Sood explained that they proposed to educate the young generation about the degradation of ecology and shrinking of green forests in the Himalayan region which was scripting many disasters in the state.

He also revealed that over 100 trees were planted at Dak Bangla by the cyclists to spread a message of preserving and protecting the state's ecology.

All young cyclists were convinced on one thing that the generations next have to take radical decisions to preserve and save the sensitive ecology of the Himalayas for the survival of humanity on the planet.

Displaying her serious concerns for disaster tragedies striking various part of Himachal Pradesh, a girl cyclist Asmita Thakur feels that the mountains have been overexploited by the reckless and hostile development model adopted in the hilly region and people have come forward to raise voice for the mute hills.

She feels that cycling should be promoted as a principle mode of transport in the hills as it neither creates pollution nor releases harmful gases in the environment.

Commemorating our 75th Independence Day by riding a bicycle shows a true sense of responsibility for the clean and green environment which is real patriotism as it preserves the ecological health of our mother India, said another young cyclist.

-- Nagender Ranta/Shimla

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