Coir Industry Proliferates, Flourishes In Non-Conventional Regions

Coir Industry Proliferates, Flourishes In Non-Conventional Regions

New Delhi, Sep 25 (TNA) Coir industry which was hitherto concentrated in Kerala, has now proliferated to other parts of the country also, with the efforts taken by the Coir Board, an official said on Saturday.

The export of Coir and Coir products from India during the year 2020-21 registered an all time high record of Rs.3778.98 crores with an increase of over Rs.1021 crores from the previous year.

The increase in value works out to 37% in comparison with 2019-20 figures. Coir Board is focused to achieve Rs.7000 crores of coir exports in a couple of years.

Coir Board was set up under the Coir Industry Act, 1953 by the Government of India for the overall sustainable development of coir industry in the Country.

The functions of the Board as laid down under the Act include undertaking, assisting and encouraging scientific, technological and economic research, modernization, quality improvement, human resource development, market promotion and welfare of all those who are engaged in this industry.

It runs 48 establishments including 29 marketing outlets across the country. Coir industry sustains more than 7 lakhs of coir workers, predominantly women, in different states of the country.

It is estimated that around 80% of the work force in the industry are women and it plays a vital role in rural women empowerment of many coastal districts of the country. There are 1570 registered coir exporters in the country.

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