CBI To Investigate Murder Case Of INLD President Nafe Singh Rathee

CBI To Investigate Murder Case Of INLD President Nafe Singh Rathee

Chandigarh, February 27 (TNA) Haryana Home Minister, Anil Vij has said that the investigation into the murder case of Indian National Lok Dal President and former MLA Nafe Singh Rathee will be conducted by the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI). He said that those responsible for this murder would not be spared. INLD Haryana President, Nafe Singh Rathee was shot dead on Sunday by some unknown assailants.

Vij was responding to the Adjournment Motion brought during the budget session in the Haryana Vidhan Sabha. Expressing grief over this incident, the Home Minister said that if the satisfaction of the house is through the CBI investigation, then the investigation into this murder case will be done through CBI only. Vij said that this is a very unfortunate incident and Nafe Singh Rathee was with him as a legislator in 1996 and 2000, and he was also his good friend.

Vij said that as soon as he was informed about this murder, he immediately spoke to the Director-General of Police, Jhajjar's SP, and the STF Chief and handed over the investigation of this case to the STF Chief. He said that the state police are thoroughly investigating the case but currently, he cannot share modules of the investigation. The Home Minister said that an FIR has been lodged against political people by the nephew of Nafe Singh Rathee.

There were 784 murder cases in 2005, which increased to 1106 in 2014. Similarly, there were 88 dacoity cases in 2005, which increased to 172 in 2014. The robbery was 390 in 2005, which increased to 874 in 2014. Snatching cases were 461 in 2005, which increased to 1166 in 2014. Rape cases were 461 in 2005, which increased to 1174 in 2014. Crimes against women were 380 in 2005, which increased to 1680 in 2014. Kidnapping minors was 492 in 2005, which increased to 3082 in 2014.
Anil Vij, Haryana Home Minister

In response to questions raised by the opposition in the assembly regarding the security demanded by Nafe Singh Rathee, the Home Minister said that "it is true that Nafe Singh Rathee ji had demanded security and handed over a letter to the SP, Jhajjar in this regard on July 14, 2022, and a case was registered in this regard. After that, the police investigated the threats he was receiving, and in the investigation, it was found that a person from Kolkata was threatening Nafe Singh ji over the phone, who was caught." In addition, Vij said that no letter has come to his office regarding this matter; He said that if such a letter had come and no action was taken, it is impossible.

The Indian National Lok Dal staged a sit-in under the leadership of INLD’s National General Secretary Abhay Singh Chautala at Bahadurgarh, the home place of Nafe Singh Rathee on Monday to demand a CBI probe into the murder. Chautala said, “We will not move from here until the murderers of Nafe Singh Rathee ji are caught, the accused registered in the FIR are not arrested, and until the family members of Nafe Singh ji get security.”

Opposition leader and former congress chief minister Bhupinder Singh Hooda, while raising the murder issue of Nafe Singh Rathee, said, “ Today, not as a political person but as a common citizen, I want to say that every citizen in the entire Haryana is feeling unsafe. Today no one is safe in the state, from the common man to the MLA and former MLA. The question is that when Nafe Singh ji had asked for security from the government, why was he not given security? We demand that this murder case should be investigated by the CBI under the supervision of a High Court judge.”

INLD leaders staging a protest against the murder of Singh
INLD leaders staging a protest against the murder of Singh

Claiming that the BJP government has succeeded in controlling the crimes, which were on the high side during Congress rule from 2005 to 2014, the Home Minister shared information about the crime statistics in the house, saying that Attempted murder was 513 in 2005, which increased to 783 in 2014. Dowry deaths were 212 in 2005, which increased to 293 in 2014. Responding to the opposition, Minister Vij said that we have worked to improve these statistics significantly.

Similarly, he mentioned the detection rate stating that murder case has a detection rate of 90.90 per cent, kidnapping 87 per cent, dacoity 89 per cent, robbery 78 per cent, molestation 98.30 per cent, rape 99.70 per cent, dowry death 100 per cent, dowry harassment 99 per cent, and women abduction 99 per cent. He said that the STF has been formed to catch gangs, and in 2022, 473 gangs were caught, and in 2023, 466 gangs were caught. He said that in 2022, more than Rs. 18.12 crore were recovered from these gangs, and in 2023, Rs. 14.89 crore were recovered from these gangs in 2023. Similarly, in 2022, 354 most wanted criminals were arrested, and in 2023, 436 most wanted criminals were arrested.

Anil Vij further commends the police working system, stating that recently there was a case of Maturam, and we caught all the criminals involved in this case. He said that the state police are working day and night risking their lives and the case of Nafe Singh Rathee's murder has also been handed over to the STF, and soon the culprits will be behind bars.

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