At This Durga Puja Pandal In Kolkata, Sonu Sood Is The Hero Sans The Cape

At This Durga Puja Pandal In Kolkata, Sonu Sood Is The Hero Sans The Cape

KOLKATA || Bollywood star, Sonu Sood has been consistent in helping people come out of misery as the pandemic struck. He fed them good food and provided them with bare essentials which have given many a person a reason to smile. Needless to say that he has over time turned into a man who is a hero sans the cape.

As thousands of migrant workers lined up on streets to head home, it was Sonu Sood who had single-handedly helped them. He had also been quoted telling the media that everyone must do their bit so that no migrant facing dire times feels the pinch.

He had borne the expense of several labourers without batting an eyelid. A villain on the reel, his heroics as a good soul have prompted Durga puja revellers to pay him a special ode at one of the Pujas in the city of Kolkata. A statue of Sonu Sood has been installed in a Durga Puja pandal in Kolkata.

The statue has been installed to depict the helping of migrant labourers, poor and needy people during the lockdown informed Prafulla Kanan Welfare Association.

The statue aims at inspiring people to do good work and lend a helping hand to the needy. Apart from Sonu Sood, the many sculptures in the pandal describe the pathos of the people troubled in the Corona era. The statue depicts how the workers are going to their homes on foot. Daughters riding bicycles are also shown.

There is also a very visible reference to labourers going to their home via railway tracks. It was an obvious reference to the train fiasco where some labourers were run over. There is also one set of statues that show those who were sitting inside the tanker. It is noteworthy that Sonu Sood has been continuously helping the poor since the lock-down, due to which people are appreciating them.

Sonu Sood taking to social media said that this kind of idol in the pandal is the biggest award ever. This tweet of Sonu Sood is going viral on social media. The actor's fans are very fond of his tweets.

--Arijit Bose

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