AIKS Demands Compensation For Crops Damaged Due To Hail Storms

AIKS Demands Compensation For Crops Damaged Due To Hail Storms

Chandigarh, March 3 (TNA) The All India Kisan Sabha (AIKS), Haryana, expressing sympathy and solidarity with the farmers in various districts, whose crops were severely damaged by a heavy hail storm and high-velocity winds on Saturday, have demanded compensation for the crops damaged by the natural calamity. AIKS activists have visited the affected areas and seen for themselves the heavy losses caused by hail storms. They have demanded an immediate special assessment to be undertaken by the revenue department so that the damage can be compensated.

The National Vice-President of AIKS and Samyukta Kisan Morcha (SKM) leader, Com. Inderjeet Singh stated that Farmers have received heavy losses as rabi crops have flattened when these were advancing to maturity and most of the investments had already been incurred.

While addressing the AIKS meeting on Sunday at Obra in the Bhiwani district of Haryana, Comrade Inderjit Singh said that compensation of at least Rs 50,000 per acre should be given to the farmers within a week for the crops damaged due to hailstorms in most areas of Haryana and Rajasthan yesterday. He added that more than 70 thousand agricultural tube-well connections are pending across Haryana, and he demanded that these be released soon. He said that agriculture is the backbone of the country's economy and the present government makes new black laws every day to mortgage farming into the hands of corporates, which can become a big threat to the public system and humanity.

Comrade Inderjit said that to save farming, there was a movement against the black laws for 13 months and the government had to withdraw the black laws, and after this the Modi government promised to make the necessary laws for MSP with the farmers.

A committee was formed for this, but to date that committee has not taken any step towards making the MSP law. That is why today farmers are being forced to protest again. SKM leader said that for the self-reliance and food security of the country, a legal guarantee of crop purchase at MSP and debt relief of farmers is necessary.

The National Vice President of All India Kisan Sabha and SKM leader, Comrade Inderjit Singh said while addressing as the chief guest during the meeting of the District Committee of All India Kisan Sabha, Bhiwani, that in the next phase of the farmers' movement, a Mahapanchayat of farmers and labourers will be held at Ramlila Maidan in Delhi on March 14. He said that it is necessary to foil the conspiracies to divide the farmer movement. After passing the resolution, it was resolved to march to Delhi on 14th March.

It is pertinent to mention that Sanyukta Kisan Morcha is on an agitational path for its demand of fulfilment of the basic issues of farmers like legal guarantee of all crops on MSP based C-2+ 50%, electricity amendment bill, loan waiver and other issues.

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