16-Year-Old Gurugram Boy Represents India In The First Children’s General Assembly In Denmark
Aryan with former UN General Assembly president Mogens Lykketoft

16-Year-Old Gurugram Boy Represents India In The First Children’s General Assembly In Denmark

Gurugram, Sep 24 (TNA) 16-year-old Aryan Chaudhary, was formally invited to Billund, Denmark as Representative of India to attend the first Children’s General Assembly between September 19-22 has done the city immense proud with this achievement. The annual United Nations General Assembly was held in New York City in September.

But this year, it will be mirrored by the first international Children’s General Assembly in the Capital of Children, Billund, Denmark. Children have the right to be heard, contribute their perspectives, and suggest solutions for their future, believe the organisers and therefore, children of the world will work towards formulating a Manifesto that can be submitted to the leaders of the world.

Through the Children’s General Assembly, the children will gain some of the most important competencies of the future which are crucial and necessary for the individual child and the community to unleash the full potential and contribute to common solutions to the challenges of the world.

In April 2021, 80 participants were selected from 40 nations around the world, with Aryan Chaudhary being the only young person from India attending.

The Assembly comprises of a special 3-day program. The children will among others finalize and rehearse their speeches and they will meet the former president of the UN General Assembly, Mogens Lykketoft.

The Children’s General Assembly will culminate in the delivery of the children’s joint Manifesto to the world leaders via livestream. The group leaders will assist with the delivery of their Manifesto. All Group Representatives were invited to Billund as the livestreaming to NYC and the rest of the world will take place from Billund and imply the children’s physical presence.

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