While During The Narmada Parikrama, Recitation Of Hanuman Chalisa Made Him Appear As A Sadhu

While During The Narmada Parikrama, Recitation Of Hanuman Chalisa Made Him Appear As A Sadhu

Below is real life experience of my soul sister Suruchi Agnihotri Naik who got to see Baba during her Narmada Parikrama. It happened when she started chanting Hanuman Chalisa. In response to her Chalisa, Baba came in form of a sadhu saying, "Tumne humko yaad kiya, Hum aa gaye( You remembered me so I came)". So, BABA IS HERE WITH ALL OF US AND LISTENS TO US WHEN WE CHANT HANUMAN CHALISA

Narmade Har. Today I am sharing an experience with all of you which will make you feel blessed, strengthen your faith in Almighty. Before narrating the experience, I would like to pray to Narmada Maa and my Sadguru for showering blessings on me once again just like another spiritual experience at every step of my life.

"He Narmada Maa, let my words flow like you without any malice, pride & ego". Narmade Har

While I was performing the Narmada Parikrama, I and another parikrama wasi (one who does Parikrama) around 70 years of age were walking along the roads near to the (river) Narmada Maa. This 70 years old Parikrama wasi who was also walking with me was suffering from knee pain and couldn't walk non stop at a stretch.

He was walking very slowly so I asked him to increase his speed. After a small discussion, it was decided that i will recite Hanuman Chalisa 11 times to boost his morale so that he feels energetic and walks fast. It was decided that i will recite Hanuman Chalisa and sit for a while and then again restart recitation. I observed that the moment i used to sit after reciting Hanuman Chalisa, a tall sadhu around 6-6 and half ft, matted hair, wearing a white lungi, a janeu ( thread worn across shoulders), carrying a white jhola (bag) used to appear from my back and used to go further.

I was surprised to see that every time when we were resting, this tall sadhu used to appear from behind and move further but surprisingly we never crossed him. I was surprised to see that how this sadhu appears from my back every time?

After 5-6 recitation cycles of Hanuman Chalisa, when again this sadhu reappeared and started to move further, I stopped him and asked him to enquire whether there is any other route of Parikrama which was unknown to us?

I asked "Baba har baar aap hamaare pichhe se kaise aate ho? Koi aur bhi raasta hai kya? Hum aapke picche se kabhi nahi aate? ( Baba everytime how you come from behind? Is there any way of Parikrama? How come i never cross you?)" Baba replied, " Tum mujhe bulati ho toh main aa jaata hun"( When you call me, I come). This was a bizarre reply as this sadhu was a complete stranger to me and I never called him.

I asked several other questions to which he responded vaguely. I asked him, Baba kya aap bhi parikrama mein ho? (Baba, you too in parikrama?) He replied, Yahi samajh lo (You think as deem suitable). I asked him, "Baba aap kab se parikrama mein ho?" ( Since when are you doing Parikrama). He replied, Since ages and kept repeating the same thing"Tum bulati ho toh main aata hun" (When you call me, I come). Kya tumne mujhe yaad nahi kiya? Dekh lo ab bulaogi toh main nahi aaunga (Didn't you call me? Just see carefully, now i will not come even if you call). Little did i realise that for the past few hours i have been reciting Hanuman Chalisa only selflessly and He was Hanumanji in form of a sadhu giving me darshan. I couldn't recognize him but still remember his words, "Tum mujhe bulati ho toh main aata hun, ( When you call me, I come).

I feel blessed that at least I could see him due to blessings of Narmada Maa and my Sadguru.

--Veena Rai

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