Shri Sainath Knows Each And Every Thought, Feels Pains Of His Devotees

Shri Sainath Knows Each And Every Thought, Feels Pains Of His Devotees

Purvang P Thakkar

5th MAY, 1936.

Baba used to be near the Dhuni, early morning facing south, leaning on a post and doing something. I cannot say what, People were not allowed to go near, i.e., even 50 feet. The Sevakaries could carry on their usual service or work of cleaning, replenishing fuel for Dhuni, etc. No others could go so near as they. He used to utter words like Yatle Haq. They were seldom clear or audible to us at some distance. Allah Malik, Allah Vali Hai, i.e., God is the Master and Protector; he used to say often and at all times.

I once got leave from the office at Bandra and from my mother to go. The next evening I had to start for Shirdi. But during the nights, Sai Baba appeared to me in my dream and said, “Don’t come,”I wondered why. The morning after I was to have left, there was a strike in the workshop. If I had left overnight as I first proposed my officers would have suspected me to be at the bottom of the strike and I would be in trouble. Sai Baba saved me from that.

Yashwantrao, grandson of Raghunath Mukund, Engineer, went with me to Sai Baba in 1911 or 1912 at Ashad Guru Purnima when cholera was raging in Shirdi. He did not wish to return before I did. But Baba told him to go and give him his udhi. But he did not wish to start.

He stayed on though I also told him to go since he had leave of Baba. That night he had an attack of cholera to which he succumbed at Shirdi the next morning. Sai Baba went to Megha, when the later was dying, shed tears there and covered the corpse with flowers and went to the funeral ground where Megha's corpse was burnt. Megha lay ill for two or three days before death. Baba used to give him Udhi then.

Once Sai Baba prevented me from going away to Bombay even after 4.30 P.M. The last train at Kopergoan for Manmad would leave at 6.30P.M. It was a Bazaar day (Monday) I got a bullock cart. Baba told Rege to go with me. We reached the river at 6.45 PM. And reached the Kopergaon station at about 7.45 PM. The train had gone away. There was a special train; however, running that night which stopped at 8.15 PM. at Kopergaon and took us to Manmad and thence we reached our homes. There were no trains to Manmad from Kopergoan at night. i.e., after 6.30 P.M. in those days.

On the very first occasion of my seeing Baba, he told me to go to ‘‘Sala’’. Dixit explained to me that ''Sala'' was the residence of Radhakrishna Aayi. I went there. She did not open the door, but inquired from within who I was, Etc. I replied. But she would not let me in. After waiting for about ten minutes, I went to the Masjid. Baba asked me if I went to ''Sala''. I said I did but had been kept outside the bolted door by Aayi.Baba told me to go again, I obeyed. This time Aayi opened the door, fell at my feet, held my feet fast and was crying. I was greatly puzzled, as I had not know her nature.

But from that day forward, she was all in all to me. I spent every minute of my time at Shirdi in service to Sai Baba, in accordance with the directions of Aayi. She made me work had all day long for Baba, mostly at her residence, often at Masjid and elsewhere. Radhakrishna Aayi was a personality of a strange sort. She would sing charmingly and with deep emotion. Suddenly, she would break into laughter or melt into tears and either continue slowly with choked voice or stop the song altogether by her sobs. Often Baba detained me at Shirdi, even after my leave expired. In 1912. e.g.. he thus detained me.

When Shama or anyone mentioned that I had to go back let my boss should find fault with me, Baba would reply ‘‘I am his boss” and keep me on. Thus in that year after long overstaying my leave, I returned and went at 1 P.M on a Thursday to the office. The foreman of the shop called upon me to explain and reported about my absence without leave. I handed him my resignation.

My officer, Wilson, the Deputy Superintendent, sent for me and asked me where I had been. I said I was at Shirdi He knew everything, tore my resignation paper and put it into the waste paper basket. The foreman was discontented but was powerless to do any harm. The chief told the foreman that I was not his, i.e., the foreman’s servant or subordinate. In six months’ time I was promoted and that foreman became my subordinate.

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Shri Sachidanand Sadguru Sainath Maharaj Ki Jai.

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