Shri Sainath Always Saves His Devotees When They Are In Trouble

Shri Sainath Always Saves His Devotees When They Are In Trouble

Gangadhar Vishnu Kshirsagar (of Nevasa), Dehastha Brahmin aged 51, Telegraph Head Signaller in the Irrigation Department, Sonawadi, Kopergaon says: I lost my father when I was 5 years old. We had lands. Bala Nevaskar “Jayagudi”, Baba’s devotee was our lessee. He

claimed our land as his own. My maternal uncle, our guardian, represented us.

Bala Nevaskar asked him to go with him to Shirdi and leave the settlement of our dispute to be done by Baba. They came here from Nevasa with my mother.

My uncle and mother were total strangers to Baba. As soon as they came to the Mosque (Dwarka Mayi), even before they bowed, Baba said to Bala Nevaskar, “Hand over the lands to the children. Why trouble them?” We went back to Nevasa. But Bala refused and we got possession through the court. Bala became mad.

At that time I was then aged 16 (1901). After madness, he did not return to Shirdi. I never saw Baba. My mother and maternal uncle occasionally came here and saw him.

Two years ago. I got transferred to Sonawadi. Since then, I am visiting Shirdi and singing songs before Sai Mandir. On 27-6-1935, I had a dream. I saw Sai Baba standing before me and saying ''To day your house is decreed to you, why are you sleeping? There is jatra at Shirdi. Come and eat.”

He took me to the eating hall and I took food and bowed to him. I awoke. Four days later, I got a letter from my brother that on the date of my darshan (27-6-35) our case is appeal (about our house) in the Ahmednagar District Court was decided in our favour. My faith in Baba has been greatly increased thereby.

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