Shirdi Diary Of G S Kharpade

Shirdi Diary Of G S Kharpade

December 6, 1910

In the morning I had a walk and after bath all saw Sai Maharaj going out with an embroidered big umbrella held over his head. Later on we went to Masjid.

Sai Baba appeared to be some excited. Then he got up, distributed the food accumulated there, and after giving Udi- (Ashes) requested us to withdraw. We did so.

The mid-day meal was not served till nearly half past two in afternoon. After it we sat talking. Saw Sai Maharaj in the evening when he came out for a walk.

Later on we went to the Chavadi where Sai Maharaj sleeps tonight. He was accompanied by the Umbrella of State,Silver stick, Chavari's and fans etc, etc.

The place was tastefully lighted. The lady who is known as Radhakrishna came out with lights. I saw her from a distance. Madhavrao Deshpande said he would be away tomorrow and return the day after. He asked me and obtained Sai Maharaj's permission to go.

(Excerpts From Shirdi Diary Of Mr G S Kharpade)

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