Shirdi Diary Of GS Kharpade: When Sai Narrated The Story of Five Sons

Shirdi Diary Of GS Kharpade: When Sai Narrated The Story of Five Sons


In the morning I got up early and went to Kakad aarti. On my return I prayed and walked about. Mr. Mantri got permission to return, so he went away with all his family after saying goodbye to nearly everyone. He is a very very good man. Wamanrao Patel also went.

Then came a large number of visitors. Among them was a lady by name Anusuyabai. She appeared to be spiritually advanced and Sai Maharaj treated her with great consideration and gave her four fruits. Later on he told the story of a man having five sons.

Four of them demanded and obtained partition. Two of these four decided to reunite with the father. The latter ordered the mother to poison one of these two and she obeyed.

The other fell from a tall tree, got injured and was on the point of death, but was allowed by the father to service about twelve years until a son and daughter were born to him and then he died.

Sai Baba said nothing about the 5th son and to me the story looks incomplete. After the midday meal I lay down for a while and then sat reading the Ramayana.

In the evening we went as usual to salute the Sai Saheb opposite the chawadi and at night had Bhishma's Bhajan and Dixit's Ramayana. Dr. Hate is still here and is a very very nice man. Mr. Mahajani I, also here.

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