Shirdi Diary Of GS Kharpade: When Baba went To Nimgaon...

Shirdi Diary Of GS Kharpade: When Baba went To Nimgaon...


In the morning I got up early, felt fresh, prayed and felt that I was better all round. Sai Maharaj went out while I was yet praying, so I could not see him. Later on I went to the Musjid and found him in a very pleasant mood.

He said there was a rich man who had five sons and a daughter. These children effected a division of the family property. Four of the sons took their shares of movables and immovables.

The fifth son and the daughter could not take possession of their share: They wandered about hungry, came to Sai Baba.

They had six carts laden with jewels. Robbers took away two of the six carts. The remaining four were kept under the Banyan tree. At this point Trimbakrao, whom Baba calls Maruti, interrupted and the story ran in a different channel. After the midday Aarti I returned to the lodging, had food, and sat talking with Durvesh Sahib.

He is a very pleasant man. Wamanrao Patel went away today. Ram Maruti Boa came in the afternoon. He danced and jumped about a good deal during Bhajan. We saw Sai Maharaj in the evening and again at Shej Aarti time.

Ram Maruti Boa attended Bhishma's Bhajan and danced and jumped. Sai Baba this afternoon went out towards Nimgaon, visited Dengle, cut a tree and came back, many went after him with musical instruments and escorted him home. I did not go far. Radhakrishnabai came near our Wada to great Sai Saheb and I saw her for the first time without the big veil.

(Text Submitted By Sudiksha Dubey)

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