Shirdi Diary of GS Kharpade: When Baba Had A Lot Of Visitors

Shirdi Diary of GS Kharpade: When Baba Had A Lot Of Visitors


I find I have got a severe cold. I could not get up in time for Kakad Aarti. I got up at 3 am and then overslept myself. After prayer I sat talking with Durvesh Sahib Falke whom they call Haji saheb and Hazrat indiscriminately. He is a Karmamargi as we should call him in Hinduism and has numerous anecdotes to tell.

I saw Sai Maharaj go out and later on after he returned to the Musjid. He was in a very pleasant mood and sat talking and joking. After Aarti I returned to our lodging and had food and lay down a while but could not sleep. From Amraoti they sent me, besides the Amrit Bazar Patrika, two numbers of Bombay Advocate, so there was a good deal to read.

There was also a telegram offering a session's case. Three days ago there was a telegram offering the case at Wardha. I declined it as Sai Maharaj did not grant permission to return. About today's telegram the result was the same. Madhavrao Deshpande asked for permission for me, and Sai Maharaj said I might go the day after or a month hence.

So the matter is settled. I saluted him as usual in front of the Chawadi and after Aarti in the Wada sat listening to Bhishma's Bhajan. Among the new arrivals today is Mr. Hate who has appeared for L.M. and S. He is a very nice young man. His father was judge at Amreli and later on Divan of Palitana. I think I knew his uncle.

(Text Submitted By Sudiksha Dubey)

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