Shirdi Diary Of GS Kharpade - Day 3

Shirdi Diary Of GS Kharpade - Day 3

December 8, 1910

In the morning, after prayer, we saw Sai Maharaj as usual when he was going out. Later on we went to see him in the afternoon but had to turn back as he was washing his feet. Babasaheb Sahasrabuddhe, myself, my son and a certain gentleman who came this morning formed the company that went and had to return.

Tatyasahib Nulkar did not accompany us. Later on we went again, but Sai Sahib dismissed us very soon. So we returned. He appeared very much engaged in thinking out something. At night Sai Sahib slept at the Chavadi and we went to see the procession.

It was very nice. The gentleman mentioned above is a Police Officer, I believe, Head Constable. He was charged with extracting money and tried by the Court of Sessions. He vowed to visit Sai Maharaj if he was acquitted. He was acquitted and so came to fulfil his vow.

On seeing him, Sai Maharaj appeared affected and said "Why did you not stay a few days there? The poor people must have felt disappointed", he repeated this twice. We learnt afterwards that the gentleman's friends pressed him to stay and that he did not comply with their request.

He had never seen Sai Saheb before, and of course the latter could not have seen him before. The wonder is how Sai Maharaj knew him and said what he did.

(Excerpts From Shirdi Diary By GS Kharpade)

Text submitted by Sudiksha Dubey

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