Shirdi Diary Of GS Kharpade - Chapter 9

Shirdi Diary Of GS Kharpade - Chapter 9

December 8, 1911

I forgot to mention yesterday and the day before that Upasani Vaidya, that used to be at Amraoti, is here and saw me soon after my arrival. We sat talking. He told me briefly his story since leaving Amraoti, how he went to Gwalior state, how he purchased a village, how it became non - paying, how he met a Mahatma, how he got ill, how he tried all remedies, applied to various Sadhoos and Mahatmas, how finally Sai Maharaj took him in hand, how he improved, and is now under orders to stay here.

He has composed a Stotra of Sai Maharaj in Sanskrit. We all got up early and attended the Kakad Arti. It is very edifying. I prayed, bathed, and saw Sai Maharaj go out, then again after he returned and once more in the afternoon. Sai Maharaj, looking at me said "Ka Sarkar" Then he gave the general advice that I should live as God keeps me and added that a man fond of his family has to bear many things and told the story of a rich man who starved till evening cooked for himself and ate a very rough bread, all on account of temporary difficulty.

We saw Sai Maharaj again in the evening and Sai maharaj in the verandah of the house built by Dixit. Two gentlemen from Bombay brought a Sitar, and playing on it said a Bhajan. Mr. Thosar, whom I call Hazrat also sang very beautifully and Bhishma had his usual Bhajan. Time passed away pleasantly till midnight. Thosar is a very pleasant companion. I had a long talk with my son Balvant, the Bombay men and others about contemplation etc.

(Text Submitted By Sudiksha Dubey)

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