Shirdi Diary Of GS Kharpade- Chapter 8

Shirdi Diary Of GS Kharpade- Chapter 8

December 7, 1911

I slept well last night. My son and wife are doing well with Bhishma. Vishnu is also here. We fed a good many people today and I fell into the proper routine of the place. I saluted Baba Sai Maharaj as he went out; then after he returned to the Musjid, and again in the evening, and later on again, when he went to sleep in the chawdi.

The Bhajan pujan was a little less. After we returned from Shej Arti, Bhishma had his usual Bhajan and Mr. Thosar also sang some verses, a few, of his own composition and others, of Kabir, Das Ganu, and others. Das Ganu's wife, Baya who was here last year, is now at her father's house. We sat talking till late at night.

Madhaorao Deshpande told us at night that Dada Kelkar had a nephew by name Babu, Sai Maharaj was very kind to him. This Babu died and Maharaj remembers him to this day Mr. Moreshwar Vishwanath Pradhan a pleader practising at Bombay, came to see Sai Maharaj. On seeing his wife, Sai Maharaj said that she was the mother of Babu.

She got in the family way later on, and on the day of her delivery in Bombay, Sai Maharaj here said he had pain and that twins would be born and that one of them would die. So it happened, and when Mrs. Pradhan came here with her young son Saying Maharaj took him on his lap and asked if he would come to the place, and the child of two months distinctly answered "Hoon".

-- Text Submitted By Sudiksha Dubey

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