Shirdi Diary Of GS Kharpade: Baba Narrates Story Of Two Sparrows

Shirdi Diary Of GS Kharpade: Baba Narrates Story Of Two Sparrows


In the morning I attended the Kakad Aarti. Sai Saheb appeared to be in a very good mood. He blessed as usual by saying that God was higher than all. Then he passed away into the Masjid; I returned, prayed, and was making ready for the Punchadashi class when Dhanjisha arrived from Bombay. He brought very good fruit for Sai Sahib.

We sat talking, saw Sai Saheb as he went out, we held our class but did not make much progress, I went to Masjid as usual. Sai Saheb told the history of two sparrows that were sitting in the niche in the southern side of the "Nimbar".

He said the sparrows built their nest there and used to sit as they were sitting at the moment. Death overtook them. It came in the form of a serpent, which crawled round the Nimbar and swallowed them up.

The sparrows are born again now and have built their nest again exactly where it was before and are sitting once more as they used to do. He said he never touched them not even spoke to them. He accepted Dhanjisha's Puja and allowed the garland to remain on him much longer than he ever does. He liked the flowers and ate a few grapes. Dhanjisha is of course staying with me.

After meals I lay down for a while and then we held our class or rather continued it. We enjoyed the portion very much. At sunset we went and saw Sai Maharaj at his stroll. He was in a pleased mood but said that he did not care for buntings etc., etc., but he wanted men. At night Bhishma read Swanubhawa Dinkar and Dasa Bodha. Balasahib Bhate also came There was also Bhajan.

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