Sai Baba And His Miraculous Stick, The Cure of All Ailments

Sai Baba And His Miraculous Stick, The Cure of All Ailments

On one occasion baba gave Mahalsapati a warning that something wrong would happen at Khandoba, however, he need not be afraid as Baba would do the needful.Then very soon, his wife and daughter fell ill and soon after, the other members of his family also fell ill.

This was after 1908, after which date the number of Shirdi visitors increased including many doctors. Meanwhile Baba told Mahalsapati, 'Let the sick people keep to bed', and walking round his Mosque with a short stick in hand Baba was waving his short stick and using threatening words---'Come, whatever may be your power, let us see! I shall show you what I can do with my chota stick, if you come out and face me'.

This was Baba's treatment of the disease. However, amongst the numerous visitors, there were doctors who gave medicines to Mahalsapati to be given to his sick family.

Mahalsapati consulted Baba regarding the medicines, but Baba dissuaded him from administering the medicines to the sick at home. In the result, all got well without medicine. Baba's way of fighting disease is not the modern way of medicine, but it was unmistakably effective.

Source: Life of Sai Baba, volume - 2, Third Edition, 1983

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