If You Take A Vow In Your Prayers, It Is Important You Compete It With Full Faith And Devotion.

If You Take A Vow In Your Prayers, It Is Important You Compete It With Full Faith And Devotion.

15th DECEMBER 1936

Purvang P Thakkar

Dadaji Gopinath Joshi, Ram Maruti Road, Dadar, says; I went to Shirdi in 1932. My son aged 12 months, had small pox and fever. The illness was serious. Udhi and Tirtha were applied.

Without any medicine, the boy was restored to health. I vowed, I would take him to Shirdi. Somehow, I failed to perform my vow for a long period.

My boy got fits. I then remembered my vow and the breach of my promise. I vowed this time that I would positivity and quickly take him to Shirdi and perform various ceremonies if he should be cured. He was cured. At once, i.e., in 1932. 1 took him to Shirdi. There we performed Abhishek. We then started away. When we were half way towards Kopergaon, the fits revived.

R B Purandhare, who was with us, asked us to go back and see what performance of the vows we were still defaulting in. Then we learnt that only Abhishek had been done and the rest remained unperformed. So we set about fulfilling all our vows. Then the boy, who had been half unconscious and in firs till we reached Shirdi climbed up the Samadhi of Baba and was clapping his hands. We had no more trouble. Again in 1933, went to Shirdi.

On the way at Kopergaon, we got on foot into the Godavari, as someone told us it was fordable at that time. But when I, bearing my son in my arm, and my wife reached the middle of the stream, the force of the current seemed very strong and it seemed that we would be washed down by the current. I felt giddy also.

I closed my eyes and began to pray to Sai Baba for help. Within five minutes. Bala Gurav, a servant of Sai Sansthan, came into the middle of the riser and held me and helped me through. He held and helped my wife also to cross the river.

We were celebrating or conducting my sons’s Jayawal or tuft ceremony at Kashi and we intended that simultaneously with it, an Abhishek of Baba should be performed at Shirdi. But we forgot to inform Nanu Pujari at Shirdi and no simultaneous Abhishek of Baba was done. We went from Kashi to Gaya, and there at the Gayawa]i’s house the fits came on again.

So I remembered my failure to carry out the Abhishek and wrote at once to Nanu Pujari to perform two Abhishek's, one by way of penalty. Then our further journey was safe and the boy’s health was alright. In 1934, my boy had some sort of fever; none could diagnose it. Udhi and Tirtha cured it. In 1935, his toe had huge swelling. The Doctor wanted to cut it. But Udhi effected the cure. I rely on Baba and I am safe.

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