I Was Not A Believer In Baba, We Watched Him Through Our Men And Then...

I Was Not A Believer In Baba, We Watched Him Through Our Men And Then...

20TH OCTOBER. 1936.

Chakra Narayana, Christian, aged about 50, Reader to Police Deputy Superintendent Thana says: I was Police Fouzdar at Kopergaon when Baba passed away (October 1918). I was not a believer in Baba. We were watching Baba through our men. Even though I watched him sceptically, the result was to create in me a high regard for him. First and foremost was the fact that he was not moved by women or wealth. Many women would come to him and place their heads on his feet and sit before him.

But he was unmoved; he would not care to cast one glance of admiration or of lust at them. He was clearly and unmistakably unattached. About money also, we watched him. People voluntarily gave him money. If any did not give him money, Baba would not curse or hate or be displeased with him. The same held good about his begging for bread.

He did not care for what he got. Whatever he got, he scattered with a liberal hand. When he died, we took possession of his cash; that was only Rs.16. Yet daily he was paying or giving away hundreds of rupees. Often we noticed that his receipts were smaller than his disbursements. Wherefrom came the excess for him to disburse or pay? We could not make out. This made me conclude that he had divine powers

Again his behaviour towards all religions was noble. He would never decry or depreciate any religion or person belonging to any caste, groups or position. When I went there, he was told that the Fouzdar was a Christian. “What of that?” was his reply. ‘He is my brother”. His powers were marvellous. A Police Officer went to him; Baba asked him for dakshina, The Officer replied that he had nothing.

Baba then said. “See your purse. There is a fifty rupee note in it.” The note was then produced and offered to Baba. But Baba wanted only a small amount out of it and told him to keep the balance, as he would soon be in trouble and need it. So indeed it happened. Soon after this visit, the Officer got into trouble and had to use that

balance to extricate himself. After thus escaping from the trouble, the grateful officer sent the balance to Shirdi.

I helped at the time when Baba's properties were attached at his death. Statements were taken from the public as to the disposal of the property and the Mamlatdar Magistrate issued orders based upon the statements. This saved much trouble to the Sansthan. Baba’s Udhi has cured many cases of illness.

Bow To Shri Saibaba

Shri Sachidanand Sadguru Sainath Maharaj Ki Jai.

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