I, My Life And My World Is Anchored With Shirdi Sai Baba

I, My Life And My World Is Anchored With Shirdi Sai Baba

Baba …has His own ways to call His children near Him. I consider myself a Child of God… Baba is Baba for me in literal sense.

Vasudha Masih

“शिर्डी जाना है” ••• are the words from my father that echo in my ears when I question my acquaintance with Baba. This happened when I was maybe in Standard 7th 8th… and in the Mandir of my house … there was always this small postercard picture of Baba which I’ll share…. that is how old & new I know Him ….but that was just knowing .

Baba …has His own ways to call His children near Him. I consider myself a Child of God… Baba is Baba for me in literal sense. In the year 2006 .. my Late Beloved husband took me to Bithoor … one of Baba’s Dhaam near Kanpur. This was suggested to Anurag by a dear family member… who was unknown to me till then.

Not married then to each other …and surrounded with many uncalled for situations we went to Bithoor for Baba’s Darshan. To my amusement my husband being a Christian by religion, followed more norms, had all the devotion in his eyes for Baba. He had a broken palm then, yet his zeal to see Baba with me, established my faith, devotion in Baba in my heart since then . Reiterating … “Baba has His own ways of drawing His Children near Him… & I am His child…” & while writing this…

I have tears rolling down my cheeks… for reasons incomprehensible. Our Love for each other( me & my late husband is … difficult to be understood normally) … is a Gift.. by Baba to us. As a result after His Darshan… I got connected to Baba, this was just connection …. the anchoring is yet to come in the story. “बच्चे (that is how my beloved Anurag used to address me as)…तुम्हे पता है यहाँ भी बाबा का temple है!” •••• his much impressing voice over a phone call still echoes in my ears when after a week or so of our Darshan to Bithoor he called telling this . This was the onset of my getting Anchored with Baba .

Visits to Temple once every month became a normal routine which is established in one of the best localities of Allahabad near Circuit House on Thornhill Road.

Owing much to our bonding… evil people wanted us to depart from each other… the incidents were breaking me down. On Jan- 01 2007, I decided to start my year with Baba… went to temple in the afternoon, sat there for 1 -2 hours in complete silence with Him… I was thoughtless… just Him & me.

Then just before a week of my marriage, 21st- 03- 2017, I was on a verge of ending my life… I went to Baba, cried …for hours…with folded hands requested HIM to make me & Anurag one … and magic happened. 3 days before my marriage I asked Babu(Anurag) to get married… and he was on top of the world, & third day…. we were together.

This was Baba’s command …. it had already been communicated to Anurag by Baba through a dear cousin… and much to my amusement… when I came home (Anurag’s) … Baba was already there . He was gifted to Anurag by him.

Happiness, love, harmony … were our family member. After much resentment & bitterness my my in-laws, they accepted me when news of Baba’s another TREASURED PRICELESS gift (my child Eva Manya Masih) … in my womb reached there ears in the the month of May 2007. Things became magically beautiful. She stepped in this world in Jan -2008.

Baba’s Grace shined on us. But…. some evil ended it all up. I lost my husband… my BELOVED LOVING…caring the only soul who understood me… on 1st November 2008. It was all hell ever since after that. Yet… I stood … fought with life. Baba… held me all these years in His arms…. Cannot control my tears. So … I call myself… His Bachchi.

Despite many challenges in life, including that of health, my firm belief in Him is unwavering and would remain so till my last.

–Vasudha Masih/Prayagraj

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