Endless Tales Of Neeb Karoli Baba: Fumes Of Incense Stick In The Box Room

Endless Tales Of Neeb Karoli Baba: Fumes Of Incense Stick In The Box Room

April 1977

It had become 22 years (since 1955) of my working on the post of Vice Principal in Govt. Training College (Girls). I joined as a lecturer in 1946. Being very senior teacher, I was fully acquainted with all activities of the college.

Many principals joined and retired some of them were promoted and they joined higher posts before me but I refused to be attracted by the promotion and go on higher posts. I always liked pure, spotless and clean life.

As a principal I was follower of Satyam Shivam and Sundaram. I would honour my teachers, love my students and help everybody by giving them proper advices to them.

The practicals were held every year in the month of February, March and April and I had to conduct them. We used to prepare notes on teaching, get them printed, compared and put our signatures so that one copy of each was circulated to the examiners daily under the chairmanship of the Principal.

It had to be completed one day prior to the examination. I was late that day and I came back home at 08:30 pm. I was feeling sorry as I could not do Sandhya and Aarti. My maternal aunt did Aarti of Maharajji in the rooms and put agarbatti (Incense sticks).

When I opened the room at 10 pm, I saw and felt the smell of sandal coming from the box room and the room is full of smoke. I called Dada, mother in law and maternal aunt. Everybody was struck with wonder. It was evident that God accomplices everything for his Bhaktas.

(Excerpts from "Bunch of Memories" written by Shrimati Kamla Mukerji "Didi")

Jai Babaji ki

-- Veena Rai

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