Yogi Adityanath “Livid” At Officials Over Violence During CAA Protests

LUCKNOW || Withe violence singing many parts of the state over the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA), Uttar Pradesh chief minister Yogi Adityanath is learnt to be livid at the angry protests, despite the so-called tall claims by the UP Police. Sources informed that the monk-turned-politician has not “taken kindly to the violence“.

The saffron-robed chief minister is learnt to be particularly miffed at the violence in the state capital in which more than two dozen vehicles, including that of police and the media, were torched and two police stations were also set ablaze.

A senior official with the chief minister’s office told The News Agency that until last night, the intelligence department, the Local Intelligence Units (LIU), police top brass and senior officials of the Home department has convinced the chief minister that “all was in place and that all would be well“. The violence and the mob frenzy on Thursday, however, took the state government by surprise and the chief minister by shock.

He is learnt to have expressed his displeasure “clearly and vocally“. The union home ministry, sources said has also not taken the violence in UP “too kindly“. While it is not clear what action does the state government plan to take against the officials and machinery which failed to first predict and then contain the violence.

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