Zakaria Moumni Sentenced By Canadian Courts

Zakaria Moumni Sentenced By Canadian Courts

Montreal, August 30 (TNA) The Superior Court of Canada, sitting in Montreal, handed down a judgment on 27 July 2023 convicting Zakaria Moumni. The judgment stipulates that Z. Moumni must pay $30,000 Canadian to Mr Rachid Najahi, Managing Director of Groupe Atlas Media, in compensation for damages caused by unfounded comments made publicly.

The case stems from the events of the 7th Fête marocaine de Montréal on 29 July 2022, organised by Najahi and Groupe Atlas Media. Zakaria Moumni had disrupted the celebration by making insulting remarks about the Moroccans present and the participants.

Moumni had accused Rachid Najahi of being a "paid agent" of the Moroccan government and claimed that the Moroccan Festival was a propaganda activity financed by the government. However, it was demonstrated before the Court that the Moroccan Festival is self-financed and has never received any institutional or state subsidy.

The verdict of the Superior Court of Canada ordered Zakaria Moumni to pay Rachid Najahi $20,000 for damage to reputation and $10,000 in punitive damages. The ruling underlines the importance of truth and responsibility in the dissemination of public information.

"This decision protects the rights and reputations of individuals," said Rachid Najahi. Zakaria Moumni was also accused of physically assaulting three participants in the Moroccan Festival.

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