Why The World Will Fail Yet Again: Absence Of Aggressive Deterrence An Opportunity For Subjugation And Another War

Why The World Will Fail Yet Again: Absence Of Aggressive Deterrence An Opportunity For Subjugation And Another War

The first and the second World War were indicators and lessons of all that went wrong and for all wrong reasons. History being an event in time recorded with a human bias, no one learns from it and has a tendency of repeating itself.

What we see today on the world landscape is an unfolding of another emerging theatre of a similar war. A theatre Of the absurd remerging under the very noses of those that profess a mastery over all that will transpire.

The seeds having been sown back in time, now exposing itself through the hidden myriads of insecurity, reactions and subsequent actions right and wrong not debatable. The western axis or the group Of anti-Communist ideologues attempt to overawe the Communist manifesto into subjugation, did succeed or as we were made to perceive over many decades.

But conversely it created a resolve within the Chinese World to free itself from the shackles of isolation from the rest of the world. Silently Stealthily they took a leaf out of their past wisdom and through deceit and deception laid a trap for the soft bellies of the western capitalistic ideologues.

It was probably a reaction to Chinese insecurities and isolation that took them to a path of aggressive silent manoeuvrings. The Trojan Horse was picked up by China from the lost pages of History.

Opening themselves up to a facade of selective economic industrial business opportunities they created a reverse osmosis and got into the into the vitals of the soft bellies of the rest of the world.

International institutions, leaders, were compromised and the art of economic subjugation mastered with finesse. The final onslaught saw the worlds subjugation and on its knees through the efficient use of the Covid 19 done wilfully or by accident a matter of great debate.

But no denying of its Chinese connections and its usage for nefarious designs. The Rest Of The world preoccupied , disoriented and economically susceptible is waiting to be subjugated by another Axis which is growing from strength to strength.

Suddenly reemergence Of Expansionism and territorial annexations seem to be attractive buzzwords as symbols of Power and strength. China-Pakistan-Turkey axis while Russia and Iran on the other side of USA become naturally a part of this axis.

American contraction and weakening of its axis, opening up the world to China’s hegemony and who is now a leader of this axis. Turkey a willing partner and a beneficiary of the economic largesse of China and in return an abdication of their concern for the fate of Chinese Uighurs a cause emotionally close to the huge Uighur diaspora in Turkey.

Pakistan on it’s knees for survival, China a Godsend, a big Godfather. A country being colonised against it’s will it’s economic disaster an opportunity for China. Both Turkey and Pakistan great opportunities for China and its Belt and Road Initiatives (BRI).

International organisations now appendages to it. Is the world waiting for a flash for a repeat of the First and the Second World War. China never had it better since the American Axis looking the other way.

Is Turkey, China’s proxy to divide the Islamic world. Turkey Doing in Europe Middle East What China Doing elsewhere. With 18 countries on China’s hit list and Turkey taking on Greece Armenia etc etc as the Big emerging Daddy, wonder what next. Is USA watching the effect of its international contraction.

But having to claw back into the game may be too late. Remember the Second World War America looked the other way and helped Hitler consolidate its aggression. They were forced into the war with Pearl Harbour It was never their intent to join the war.

I see a repeat Their interest in themselves giving a similar opportunity to the Eastern Axis to consolidate their Axis Both Economically and Structurally. Will take quite an effort to counter. Not for war but as a deterrent. The Western axis neck deep in Corona, lacks the will for aggressive deterrent.

China has ambushed the capitalist aggression to dismantle its communist agenda though it took them decades but they have finally outwitted the western soft bellies with stealth, deceit and deception. The Wisdom Of Sun Tzu lives on.

Is it now time for saner world leaders like USA and Russia to dismantle this momentum of mistrust and reactions which seems to be reaching a one way - a perfect roadmap to another doomsday or is it already too late. Are we watching with disbelief the silence of the rest of the world And proving yet again that History repeats itself.

Nothing that has ever happened, has ever happened for the first time. Nothing that will happen in future too, shall never happen for the first time.

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