"Repression Continues In Tindouf: Spanish National Arrested By Polisario Police Force"

"Repression Continues In Tindouf: Spanish National Arrested By Polisario Police Force"

Tindouf, May 2 (TNA) An Espagnol was arrested in the fields of Tindouf by the Polisario police force. This arrest comes in the wake of protests by groups of young people in the refugee camps, denouncing the corruption that plagues the organization's structures.

The Polisario launched a campaign of repression following these events, resulting in the arrest of eleven people in a raid last Friday, followed by the arrest of Mohamed, who was reportedly taken to an unknown location.

According to the victim's relatives, Sueid was intercepted by a military patrol while traveling to Tindouf last night with his wife. He was forcibly removed from the vehicle, leaving his wife alone in the middle of the road. Sueid had appeared on social media denouncing corruption and illegal fuel trafficking alongside the immobilized oil tankers by the protesters. He is of Spanish nationality, according to the same source.

Since the beginning of last April, the refugee camps have been the scene of multiple demonstrations and protests against the Polisario leadership, denouncing the restrictions and measures against free movement, as well as corruption that plagues the organization in all its structures. The authorities have taken strong control measures by closing access to Rabuni, the main administrative seat of the Polisario near the Algerian city of Tindouf.

The Movement for the Sahrawi Peace (MSP) has condemned the repression campaign and the disproportionate use of police force by the Polisario against Sahrawi refugees. In letters to the UN, the MSP has called attention to the plight of the refugees and their struggle for basic human rights. The arrest of Mohamed underscores the dire situation in the Tindouf camps and the need for international support to address the issues faced by the refugees.

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