Witnessed Migrant Misery On The Roads, Haven’t Slept Thereafter

I went to Kanpur yesterday and came back today, driving my car. Till now I only watched on the social media or a bit on TV, but watching with my own eyes, all along the Yamuna Expressway, and then the Agra-Lucknow way, labourers walking in the May sun, families tired with hundreds of miles ahead to walk, small children, no shade, no water, no food, with whatever luggage on their shoulders and heads.

Some were on bicycles, some sleeping after getting tired, just in the shade of thorny bushes on the side of glitzy e-way, some were having their luggage put in a hand cart pulled by men, while ladies and children falling behind in the scorching sun.

India is indeed on the move. I saw them in thousands in 275 km. At one point after the first toll on Lucknow e-way, a truck agreed to take some labourers, and in a minute, there were more than few dozens inside with some bicycles and all, suffocating, yes, but probably for 200-250 km or wherever the truck will drop them, it will save them few hours of slow-burning walk.

If not for my aged parents with me, I would have taken some in my car until some point. I could not eat in the car till I reached Kanpur, after seeing all this. Babies covered only with dupatta… If India can’t feed its people when FCI godowns are full, can’t arrange travel when people are moving, I just give my ‘finger’ to the Vikas (development) and all the claims that are claimed by the people in power.

And please don’t pretend you don’t know why people are willing to risk such an arduous journey to their villages…You are hopeless .. I just arrived back 30 mins back and there is no one travelling in this direction. As soon as I came back, the first thing I did was to call few people who know people who are helping people on move with food etc at many places and asked for their numbers where I can transfer some money. PM Cares can take my ‘finger’ too…..

– A Concerned & Sad Indian

(The emotionally moving write-up has been shared to us by a Delhi resident who undertook a trip from the union capital to Kanpur. The first-hand account scarred him forever as he details the agony he was witness to.)

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