With Rs 38 Lakh Dues, Lock Greets Dead At City Electric Crematorium

LUCKNOW || While the Indian populace considers the wood a traditional means to cremate their departed near and dear ones, the electric crematorium too has found many takers for the neat setup that it has on offer.

Owing to failure to pay up the bills, electricity at the crematorium has been cut and it continues to remain out of function leading to much discomfort. An estimated 38 lakhs is outstanding even as the story was broken.

It is learnt that for nearly 22 months, electricity bills have not been paid. For a stretch of 15 days, a cremation could not take place for about 15 days as chains were broken. Electric crematoriums were established to promote environmental protection and it is done free of cost.

One of the charges is that there is negligence on the part of the Municipal Corporation. Despite multiple notices from LESA, the corporation has not taken cogniziance. The net outstanding is pegged at Rs 38,68,385.

This is not the first time that such an inconvenience has been caused. In the past as well, the machine has been shut down. Earlier in January this year, people were forced to cremate using wood for about 15 days. This is happening even as a second crematorium has been prepared, but due to lack of electricity connection, it is not being started.

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