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A poem by Veena Khurana from New Delhi

TNA Contributor

TNA Contributor

Lonesome ever,

Anguished soul of robbed sunshine,

Rhythmic mind of mournful song,

Seeks the heart the loved one,

Schizophrenic screams,

Cradling a bleeding day,

Maiming dreams of a dreaming soul,

Nibble at life until fed,

Soiled footpath of betrayal echoes,

Choking the heart shorn and woeful,

Desires wails, furtively slashing my share of happiness,

Hunger in depth for a longing caress,

Writhing wings of clipped heart,

That’s been butchered by a heart so cold,

Unfaithful promise breeds the gloom,

Stripped and naked, bleeding emotions on a thorny path,

Alone I sway, now in grief,

Vacant gazes, tomorrows wrapped in pain,

Disabled soul accompany my loneliness,

What I have gained is a tormented heart.

(Author is a guest contributor and wife of late Wing Commander PK Khurana)

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