VK Singh Seeks Larger Role For Private Security Agencies

NEW DELHI || Exhorting private security agencies to adopt modern technologies to expand scope of their operations, Union Minister of State for Road Transport and Highways General (retd) VK Singh on Saturday said private security guards can help government agencies in carrying out their daily affairs like traffic management, pollution monitoring and crowd management through use of drones and CCTV operation.

Today governments do not have enough resources and manpower to meet the daily requirements of the general public. Here private security agencies can play a major role, but they need to train their personnel in modern and upcoming technologies to gain the trust of government agencies who can delegate them routine works like traffic management, pollution monitoring, crowd management and cybersecurity. The scope is immense for private security agencies to reinvent themselves and prepare for future challenges,” Singh while addressing “Security Leadership Summit” organised by Central Association of Private Security Industry (CAPSI).

Gen Singh said Indian private security industry needs to tap foreign markets where there is a shortage of manpower like Europe and Gulf nations.

There is a global manpower shortage which Indian private security agencies need to tap to expand their business, but for that, they should improve and enhance their skills. Improvement in quality and perfection is needed. The industry needs to hire more technically qualified people to upscale skills and preparedness of personnel. Specialised cadres need to be created keeping in mind changing security scenario,” he added.

Speaking at the event, CAPSI Chairman Kunwar Vikram Singh said private security agencies were ready to help the government in carrying out day to day work needed to make life easier and safer for the common man. “Our industry is also aware of the growing need for private security personnel in foreign markets and we are working on it. A market of 1.5 crores private security personnel abroad is there to tap for us and we are exploring that,” he added.

Singh thanked Modi Government for timely amendments in the Private Security Agency Regulation (PSARA) Act that has helped streamlining and growth of private security industry. “Under PM Modi, the private security industry has seen the implementation of various progressive policies and reforms in laws. Our sector is growing at almost 50%. Today private security agencies employ around 90 lakh personnel, making it one of the top employers. We hope to cross 2 crore workforce within next few years,” Singh further added.

–Madan Jha/New Delhi



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