Video Shows Bodies Of COVID Victims in Karnataka Being Thrown In Pit

BENGALURU || A video of health workers in Karnataka’s Bellary district, throwing bodies of COVID victims in a deep pit has created a furore in Karnataka. The video shot by someone present during the inhumane act, on a mobile phone, shows health employees bringing bodies in body bags from a hearse van and then dumping them one after another in a deep pit.

The video shared by the Janata Dal (S) has created a furore in the state, with the Congress and the JD (S) tearing into the BJP government in the state. The JD (S) tweeted warning people that they should beware as if God forbid they catch the dreaded virus, this is how they will be treated under the BJP dispensation.

Congress leader DK Shivkumar has also slammed the BS Yediyurappa government over the video saying that it is not only painful but also inhumane. “This video displays amply how the Karnataka government is handling the pandemic. I urge the government and the responsible people to take note of this and make immediate amends” the former minister further said.

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