VHP Slams Waaris Pathan For Anti-Hindu Speech, Warns Him

LUCKNOW || The Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) on Saturday lashed out at opposition leaders and some political forces who were threatening the Hindu community in the garb of anti-CAA protests.

Senior VHP leader Surendra Jain said that the inflammatory speech given by the spokesmen of Muslim leader Owaisi, Waaris Pathan that if the 20 crores Muslims were let loose on the streets, 100 crore Hindus will have no place to hide, Jain said such talk will not be tolerated.

Warning Pathan, the VHP leader said that it was clear that threats were being issued to Hindus by such elements and warned that all this will not be tolerated at any cost. People who hate such hatred and spew communal venom in garb of protests against the CAA, a law passed by both Houses of Parliament, is unacceptable, the leader further said.

He also spoke aloud his disappointment from the so called “secular brigade” for being mum on such inflammatory speech and statements targeting the majority community of the country. Jain also said that like in 1947, a move was underway by divisive elements to foment trouble by fanning sentiments against CAA and divide the nation into religious lines.

Let such people and forces, however, understand that this is not the India of 1947 and that all such dividing parties and individuals would be taken to task“, the VHP leader further mused.

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