VHP Asks Bihar Government To Ensure Security Of Hindus, Curb Crime

NEW DELHI || Agitated and angry over the growing attacks on Hindus in Bihar, the Vishva Hindu Parishad (VHP) on Wednesday demanded that the state government must ensure the security of Hindus, take action on their grievances and with pressing urgency to neutralise the anti-national activities of Jihadi Bangladeshi and Rohingya infiltrators in the border areas.

VHP Central Secretary General Milind Parande said that even after one and a half months after the gruesome murder of 15-year-old Rohit Jaiswal by Muslims under Kataiya police station of Gopalganj, the local police has not only left the killers to enjoy a free run till date but has also threatened and compelled the victim family to leave their village.

Not only this, but it is also being said that after Rohit’s murder, the remaining family members are also being threatened to be murdered by the Jihadists and the police. Displacement of the victim family elsewhere from their village to save their lives is also extremely worrying.

He said that such incidents are not one but countless. Be it the case of the Kishanganj gang-rape of a 15-year-old Hindu Dalit girl by Muslims or be it the case of the beating up of the Rahul Poddar family in Saraiya village in Begusarai subdivision on the unconstitutional charge that their youths cannot recite the Ramayana in the month of Ramzan, or be it the instance of suing Hindu businessmen for putting up Om Flags in Nalanda.

He went on to say that be it the matter of premeditated and deliberate conspiracies going on at multiple locations including Sitamarhi, Begusarai, Purnia, Araria, Katihar and East Champaran, the atrocities and footprints of Islamic Jihadists and somewhere direct and somewhere indirect support to them by the administration are quite in plain sight. Many Hindu families of the state are forced to flee.

The VHP secretary-general has demanded that all the criminals and their masterminds (especially Rohit’s killers) be arrested and given the hardest punishment without delay, strict action is taken against the policemen and officers that supported the criminals, protection and justice be ensured for the victims, and the activities of the foreign infiltrator anti-Hindu and anti-national forces be curbed.

He also said that in this regard, the demand for dismissal of the State Home Secretary Aamir Suhani has been given to the Governor on Tuesday. Security of every citizen is the moral and constitutional responsibility of the administration. The Government must not ignore the social reaction of Hindus against mal-treatment and partisan anti-Hindu behaviour.

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