UP’s 13-Year-Old ‘Guru’ Picks His Disciples From Slums

LUCKNOW || At an early and nascent age of four, Anand Krishna Mishra in 2011 was in Maharashtra as a fourth-grader on a vacation. What he saw shook him to the core. A kid was studying in the darkness. Studying using the light of a candle, the same child was doing Aarti in Sanskrit and Marathi. Anand’s father was happy and gave him some money, but the child left the place saying that he should not take alms.

It was from here that Anand got a thought in his mind that there would be many children who would be talented but due to lack of studies, they could not do anything. From then on, he consulted his father and decided to teach the poor and then started Bal Chaupal. His efforts for the education of children of economically weaker homes, besides teaching yoga for a healthy body and fitness, continue.

At just 13, a student of class 9, Anand has big dreams in his eyes. The youngster has taken to teaching kids in slums. An all-rounder in the academic context, he has been teaching lesser fortunate children so that they too can live a respectful life full of growth and prosperity. His main aim is that no boy or girl should take to beg on the streets of the country. The boy has also taken out time to go to several villages where he has organized bal chaupals where he inspires them to get educated.

Anand and many of his fellow associates in the philanthropy sector have continued to believe that the main reason for children not being able to study in the villages is lack of schools. Even where there are schools, they are so far away that the families send the boys there, but do not send the girls. The youngster with help from family has written a letter to the Governor.

Every environmental day, he runs a tree plantation drive along with his friends and a cycle rally to save the environment from getting polluted is a unique initiative he has taken up. He has continued to push for minimizing the use of vehicles to curb pollution.

One day Anand dreams of opening a school where poor children can get free education. Apart from this, he plans to open temporary schools in some villages, so that girls do not have to go far to study. He wants to improve the administration activities by becoming an IAS officer one day.

This young lad has tried to add value to the lives of those who may not be as fortunate as others. Anand has proven beyond doubt that age is no bar when it comes to good work and then excelling in it. The only thing that one needs is commitment and hard work.

Anand has been studying at the CMS Kanpur Road branch and for the past 5 years, he has gained much fame and praise for the yeoman’s service he has provided to the lesser fortunate. In an age when cyber media is the essential drug for many, Anand has been trying to tell youngsters how to leverage the media for positive outcomes, at least education-wise and professionally. The genesis of his good work was 12 km away from Lucknow at the Bhawanikheda village of Kakori.

Over the years, Anand has inspired hundreds of out-of-school children in Gosainganj, Parewa, Mubarakpur and others to go to school, setting up a number of Bal Chaupals. Reportedly the by justs sleeps five hours a day. More than half of his time is spent reading and teaching.

Not only is the young boy the winner of the Shahzade Awadh crown at the Lucknow Mahotsav, but he has also shown great skill in the field of sports. Several times at the Summer wind swimming competition in the city, he has won the prize.

He has made education accessible to the children of the poor homes, he has also reached nearly 150 villages who can now gain a greater understanding of the importance of good education. For Anand, the idea essentially is to keep the children saved from child labour at hotels and other places where children are ill-treated.

–Arijit Bose/Lucknow

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