UP Man Sets Record Of ‘Longest Single Sitting Reading Aloud Marathon’

LUCKNOW || Yatish Chandra Shukla from Lakhimpur on Sunday claimed to have broken the World Record ‘longest single sitting reading aloud marathon’. Shukla is taking this title from Alauddin. Yatish Chandra Shukla started attempting the World record on 29 February and reading Srimad Bhagwat Puran during this World Record attempt.

He was supposed to read aloud continuously for more than the current record duration (27 Hour : 02 Minutes) to surpass and break record held by Alauddin from Kanpur. Interestingly Shukla was holding this title till August 2019 and now again after a short span of six months he has resumed the the record for Lakhimpur.

Alok Kumar, India Head, Golden Book of World Records reported that Yatish Chandra Shukla has attempted the World Record under strict guidelines and the full attempt was video recorded.

Reading marathon record is comparatively easy but ‘longest single siting reading aloud marathon’ is very tough and difficult record because there is no break-even for going washrooms, the attempter is not just reading but he needs to read aloud which consumes high energy, only a few people like Shukla can dare to attempt this type of records” he added.

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