UP Congress Ups Ante On Spike In Dalit Atrocities, Agitation Soon

LUCKNOW || The UPCC president Ajay Kumar Lallu on Tuesday mounted a scathing attack on anti-Dalit-OBC BJP government in the state led by Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath, stating that the oppressors of the weaker sections of the society have been provided with institutional patronage.

Addressing a press conference in the state capital, organised by the UPCC’s SC Wing, Lallu said that Uttar Pradesh has become a hub of Dalit-OBC atrocity, rapes and violence in the last three years of the Yogi government.

There is a constant increase in atrocities against Dalit-OBCs in the state, but OBC-Dalit leaders of the BJP and those who are in the Yogi government do not have the guts to raise their voice against the oppressors of their own community people,” he added.

The Congress chief further said that the Central government agency NCRB – National Crime Records Bureau – data tells us that every day 33 cases of Dalit atrocities are being reported in the State. “The promises made in the Sankalp Patra regarding the safety and security of OBCs and Dalits are proving hollow now,” he underlined.

Addressing the press conference, UPCC SC Department president Alok Prasad said that a resolution was passed in the last meeting of the department condemning the increasing incidents of violence, rape and atrocities. “Half of the total cases of Dalit atrocities registered in 2008 were from Uttar Pradesh. The situation remains alarming in the state,” said Prasad.

He added that the UPCC SC Wing would launch a movement and raise the voice of Dalits and OBCs over increasing cases of atrocities, violence against them in the state.

In the press conference, Prasad shared details of atrocities against weaker sections of the society from all districts to bring home his point that UP has become a hub of tyrannies against Dalits and OBCs.

“In Ambedkar Nagar, Dalit girl was raped. In Meerut, a Dalit girl and her father were killed two days before her marriage. In Kanpur, a Dalit youth was thrashed and sent to jail. In Amroha, a 17-year old youth was killed for entering a temple,” he said while stating how Azamgarh BJP unit chief was oppressing Dalits of Ubarpur village in a systemic manner.

Speaking in the press conference, UPCC SC Department vice president Tanuj Punia said that due to corona pandemic, a large number of Dalits and OBCs lost their jobs in the unorganised sector, which was the main source of their income. “The government must announce an economic package for them,” he said.

“Dalits are either landless or have little land and have no other source of income other than the daily their wages, which are lost due to corona pandemic. As a result, they are on the verge of starvation. The government must announce an economic package for them shortly,” added Punia.

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