UP Claims Planting 61 Crore Saplings, Congress MLC Says ‘Tree Scam’

LUCKNOW || Senior Congress leader Deepak Singh has raised serious questions about the forestation drive undertaken by the Yogi Adityanath government in Uttar Pradesh and has hinted that all does not seem to be in place, as claimed by officials.

The Member of the Legislative Council (MLC) has written to the chief minister, seeking to know the details of the plantation drives in the past three years in which the state government officials claim to have planted 61 crore saplings.

Now the Congress lawmaker is seeking to know where are these plants that have been planted over a period six years, beginning 2017 when the present BJP came to power in the state. “There have been claims that in 2017, five crore saplings were planted, in 2018 9 crores, in 2019 22 crores and in 2020 25 crores” he says.

This means that an accumulative 61 crore saplings have been planted across the state in the three-year rule of the present BJP government. “In a state of 23 crore population, am sure this is a huge number but the government should come clear on where are these plants and should inform the people of their well being” Singh further added.

Based on the accounted for plants, only 10% of the claims made are on the ground the rest have been consumed by the greedy and powerful who are patronised in this government, the MLC alleged. All the remaining plants he said are on papers only, he further pointed out.

Alleging a large scale ‘Tree Scam‘, the Congress MLC has sought a probe into the whole matter and has urged the chief minister to get it done before the monsoon session of the state assembly or the party will be forced to take it up on the floor of the House.

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