Truck Hits School Bus In UP’s Moradabad, Two Dozen Kids Injured

MORADABAD || Two dozen kids were injured on Tuesday morning when their school bus was hit by a speeding truck on Moradabad, police said. Some children are ins serious condition and have been admitted to the Janpriya hospital in Dharak Nagla, the official told The News Agency. He added that the accident took place near the Sidavali village.

Five children are in very serious condition and gave been rushed to Moradabad city” a police official informed. The school bus belonged to Oxford school. The mishap apparently took place due to the onset of the fog, which apparently blinded the truck driver, leading to the head-on collision.

Senior police officials rushed to the mishap sideband oversaw the rescue operation. Parents of the students have been informed and many of them have reached the medical facility.

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